The Investment Summit in Niger is a Good Idea

The investment summit in Niger is a good idea. Other states have done theirs and are pursuing resolutions for development.

After the Niger summit in Minna, I hope the resolutions and ACTION PLANS would be simplified away from the technical english of the resource persons and published into a document that would be widely circulated among the LGs, groups and individuals. Further discussions must take place which should be coordinated by concerned MDAs under focus.

Most of the time, the commissioners and heads of departments and agencies leave the governor in it because of the claim that they were not carried along. In Niger, they are already complaining that consultants have taken over; that some people were not allowed to do this or that. These people can sabotage the post-summit actions. Therefore, the governor must be on the watch out. This business is about the people (agriculture), it must work.

@BM Dzukogi

Abdulazeez Author

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