Sen Mustapha Sani Mohammed’s recommendation of a girl who isn’t his constituent for NIS job got me really angry after seeing the recommendation letter yesterday.

However, someone just sent me a list of dozens of other names he recommended and all of them his constituents, hence, to a great extent, my anger has dissipated.

Besides, the recommended girl is also a Nigerian from the lower rung of the social ladder and struggling to earn a living the same way we are all doing. What if she is Igbo but born and bred in Zone A and has made the Zone her home and even voted in favour of the senator during election?

As we voted in 2015 in Zone A, didn’t the non-indigenes vote with us? To me, for the fact that they live with us, we should always consider them no matter how small when we do our things because some of them now genuinely call our place home. Don’t we all have Yorubas, Hausas, Igbos, etc. living with us and sharing our conditions with us for ages? Our humanity could be questioned if we discriminate against the children of such people

Back to the recommendation issue, i learnt that the girl’s mother is a staff of the National Assembly and went to the senator to help her daughter who has graduated for years without a job in getting one, and the senator in included her name in his list.

In view of the fact that thousands of his constituents are in need of jobs, seeing the senator recommeding a non-constituent will truly be very painful. But it will be logical for us to now sheathe our swords at least for the dozens of our constituents that he recommended. I thoroughly read the list and I think I know almost ten names in it, and all of them are Nupes from Zone A.

This one na just my thought o. I no dey for argument.

Hassan Usman Author

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