When I posted that Prof Ango’s comments in support of the the so-called Coalition of Arewa youth amounted to conflict merchandising, many, especially one Zuntu, misconstrued my position. Well, recent developments have just proven me right. Ango Abdullahi was recently visited by Ndigbo leaders in company of Major Hamza Almustapha. Don’t forget Ango is only the spokesperson of the Arewa Elders. Maitama Sule is the chairman. Yet it was Ango that was visited. Reward for conflict entrepreneurship may not necessarily be about money. For some, it’s about psychological need for recognition. That’s what Ango sought, that’s what he got. As I have said before, Prof. Ango is a district head of an area ravaged by cattle thieves who have taken over his communities. I wish he channels his remaining energies in freeing his people, rather than engage in beating the drums of war, for which neither him nor the North he is defending is ready for.

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