Gbagyi Fulani Unity: A Veritable Tool for Peaceful Coexistence and Sustainable Development

By Shuaib Awaisu Wana

Displaying _MG_0387_edit.JPGLegend has it that, for years, the Gbagyis and the Fulanis have lived together in peace. The farmers and the herdsmen have been best of friends and neighbors.

Their children have grew up together, went to the same school, worked together, transact businesses together, learned each other's traditional professional and have even intermarried and are procreating.

This unity among these two productive ethnic groups have foster peace, progress, growth and development particularly in the area of agricultural (farming and livestock production) and commerce.

I could remember vividly, mostly during schools holidays, while in Wana (my paternal village) with my late grandmother. May Allah rest her soul.

The Fulanis will visit our houses carrying fresh milk and other products extracted from their cattle and a form of trade by barter will ensue between the two groups.

At the end of the transaction, the Fulanis will be smiling home with grains and yam tucked in the belongings and Gbagyis on the other hand will be left relishing and savouring the vitamin fortified products gotten from the Fulanis. I can still recollect how my sister and I used to fight over who should get the last gulp fresh milk. Disputes do happened, but they are resolved amicably by the leaders and representatives of the groups

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