Muzzling The New Northern Voice

By Abdullahi Yelwa

The Kano State House of Assembly (KSHA) has set up a 7-man committee to investigate the controversial Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi. Parallels have already been drawn between his grandfather’s fate under the Murpet Commission and the impending outcome of the KSHA committee. It’s safe to assume that the changing tide of Kano politics may have sealed the fate of the emir.

But what’s SLS’s crime? The committee is to investigate SLS’s management of the finances of the Kano Emirate and the propriety of his public utterances. If what has been brandished in the media is any guide, why does Ganduje need a committee? SLS is already guilty as charged! SLS had uttered so many unprintable things. He said the North is poor, when indeed the North is extremely rich with Northerners being the most affluent in Nigeria. SLS said we have beggars in North, when in truth that’s not the case. There is no single beggar in the North!

When the powerful chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum, Governor Yari of Zamfara said Meningitis that afflicted his state was punishment from God, SLS challenged that fatwah. SLS had also drawn parallels between the continuation of the pagan-era practice of polygamy in the Muslim North and the persistent poverty in the North. Who says there is any link at all? How dare he said all those things? How dare he said that the Kano state railway programme is a waste of resources? In deed why in a democracy should an emir have an opinion or even express it in the public?

We had thought SLS is the Messiah to emancipate the North from ignorance, destitution and harmful traditional practices perpetuated as Islamic traditions. We saw his sincerity, openness and progressive disposition as evidence of the change mantra. We had hoped that his critics would see beyond his style and appreciate his good intentions.

They can remove SLS, but they can never silenced the voice he represents or the revolution he had begun. Should any one need reminders? Yes, we have beggars in the North and if we don’t address the issue it will make beggars of all of us. Yes, the North is poor and backward compared to the South. Yes, the North is backward in education. Yes, yes, the South and the rest of the world know this!

Allah Ya ja Zamanin Sarki.”

Abdulazeez Author

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