Is LOLO working?

Two years within the next few days.
Conflicting realities.
One get inspired by Governor Abubakar Sani Bello sincerity and determination to get things right.
Politicians makes promises during campaign possible not realising what is waiting for them on ground.
We are not blind followers but have soft spot for lolo and makes no apology to speak out.
We can’t all be in government and those in government have got no monopoly of knowledge.
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Short fall of lolo administration mentioned call for concern especially on NSTA.
Generally NSTA has become a brand built over the years with successful administrators.
Now with the coming of lolo administration NSTA has become something else due to ineffective management.
These buses now need to be reactivated for inter and intra routes.
How many buses were handed over to the new management?
#40 Hummer buses handed to New management, now only 10left
#25 kimlong buses,now 3 Left
#10 metro buses but now 2
From all available statistics no single liability was left by previous management.
Drivers now have to buy ordinary break pad.
The management have no single stocks of spare parts.
Creditors are Now threatening the management over debt related matters of tyre purchase.
Fund approved LOLO administration for retooling NSTA workshop is diverted.
Now what are the gains of NSTA?
Am sure the management will soon come out with cook audited report.
Political compensation for persons not cognisance with logistics or managerial background shouldn’t be considered.
We used to have 4buses in route to Kaduna, kano and Lagos daily.
Now you can better imagine.
Last line.
There is an internal network of fraudsters who are benefitting at the expense of NSTA under the name checker.
Nothing personal but let’s pinpoint inadequacy of the management.
All these carcass of disused buses can be repair and not auction to political hobnob.

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