ATTENTION CBN: Mutilated Naira Notes in Circulation

No automatic alt text available.Can anyone help explain to me why the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN and FGN has allowed the indefinite circulation of tattered, mutilated and stinking currency notes in the Nigerian market. Many naira notes currently in circulation will not be legal tenders even in the so-called banana republics. I have seen naira notes so tattered that you cannot make out their denominations. I have seen naira notes joined together with plaster or masking tapes. Some torn notes have two different numbers because they are joined together by different pieces. What’s even more perplexing and ironic is that these offensive notes are issued by the banks! Why is it difficult for the CBN to comprehend that the state of our currency says a lot about the state and imagery of our nation and how we are viewed by others. What’s really the problem? Has recession made us parted away with our sense of national pride?

@Abdullahi Yelwa

Abdulazeez Author

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