“Sanction El-Rufai Now!”- Akida Faction

Following the damning and blunt leaked secret Memo by Kaduna state Governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai to President Buhari. The APC Akida Faction in Kaduna sat to declare that the Governor needs to be called to order.

They mentioned that the governor should be more concerned with doing things to benefit the citizenry of Kaduna rather than escalating an already tensed political atmosphere.

Kaduna state Governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai in an alleged memo to President Muhammadu Buhari in September 2016, told the President that the All Progressives Congress, APC, party “has not only failed to manage expectations of a populace that expected overnight ‘change’ but has failed to deliver even mundane matters of governance outside of our successes in fighting BH insurgency and corruption.”

He also said in the letter that, “Overall, the feeling even among our supporters today is that the APC government is not doing well.”

Mr. El-Rufai also told President Buhari that he(Buhari) remained Nigeria’s only hope now, adding that it is not too late to reverse the situation. He also said in the memo that “…it is also clear to many of us that have studied your political career, that so long as you remain in the political landscape, no Northerner will emerge successfully on the national scene.”

He said,“All those wasting time, money and other resources to run in 2019 either do not realize this divinely-ordained situation or are merely destined to keep others employed and rich from electoral project doomed to certain failure.


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