The Niger State Scholarship Board was Created to among-st other things provide Scholarship and financial Succor to intelligent and indigent Students to make them achieve their academic and professional dreams. To be responsible and productive citizens for both the State and the Nation.

In 2007, Gov’ Aliyu’s  regime recognized this fundamental fact and approved a Standing Order to the Niger State Ministries of Education and  Finance to remit the Sum of #20,million every month to the Niger State Scholarship Board to Cater for Scholarship needs of the entire Students of Niger State.

That means that over #1.9 Billion was Spent on behalf of Niger State Students in various tertiary Institutions within and outside the Country for the 8yrs of Gov’ Aliyu’s  Administrations .

How many Niger State Students benefited from this largesse especially Doctors, Lawyers. Engineers etc, Considering the fact that there were many Similar Interventions from Senators, Members House of Reps , Members House of Assembly and some Chairmen of LG Areas.

Equally the Emirates Education Foundations were awarding Scholarships to Students

So who are the actual beneficiaries? How many Doctors ,Engineers, Pilots, Architects, Lawyers, Graduates of Social Sciences or Even Carpenters and Nurses and Lab-attendants of Niger State Extraction.

Gov’ Abu Sani Bello Should BEAM his Search light to this ‘’alleged Haven of Corruption’’ in the Name of Niger State Scholarship Board .

It is even alleged that what is being remitted to Niger State  Scholarships Board is #500,000 less than what was tenable during the Aliyu’s  regime. #15million  Now instead of # 20,million monthly.

@Balarabe  Abubakar.

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