Tony was born on the 17th of June 1958 in Kaduna, an astute Nigerian businessman and veritable captain of industry. He is the founder and CEO of Itex Furniture; an indigenous furniture manufacturing company in Abuja, Nigeria. His success in building his enterprise is also linked to his passion for the country and for ‘building’ people. This passion, determination and integrity has earned him a reputation as a visionary leader, loyal friend, honest partner and a man of the people.

Tony embodies the image of a total Nigerian, having been exposed to the socio-cultural diversities and dynamics of the country. He spent his childhood years in Northern Nigeria and the better part of adulthood in Southern Nigeria. His background and experience have left him devoid of all tribal or religious sentiments whatsoever; and has made him a versatile and amiable character gifted with cross-cultural people management skills. This is further evidenced by his fluency in English, Yoruba, Hausa, Edo and Ora languages.


Tony Ezekiel was born to the family of Late Mr. Joseph Aiguabasimin Ezekiel and Mrs. Emily Ajayi Ezekiel of Eme-Ora in Owan West LGC of Edo State, Nigeria.
Tony attended Our Lady Primary School, Kaduna in 1966 and finished at St. Mary’s Primary School, Lokoja in 1972. Upon completing his primary education, he attended Government Secondary School, Koton Karfi before proceeding to Ahmadu Bello University in the Mathematics Department.

He has studied the following courses;
 Knowledge Management Application – University of Oxford
 Change Management – University of Oxford
 Strategic Leadership – University of Oxford
 Advanced Mgmt. and Leadership Program – University of Oxford
 Pg. D in Global Business – University of Oxford
 Executive Masters in Business Administration – University of Oxford
 D. phil, Management and Leadership candidate- University of Oxford


Fondly called ‘The Carpenter’, Tony Ohifeme Ezekiel is the founder and CEO of Itex Furniture; an indigenous Nigerian furniture manufacturing company based in Abuja, Nigeria. It started its operation from a car port garage and has grown to an ultra-modern factory complex with state of the art machines on a 2.5 hectares land in the new Idu Industrial District, Abuja with a staff strength of more than 100 staff.

Itex’s meteoric growth is owed to nothing but the visionary and dynamic of its founder, his commitment to innovation, quality and delivery of excellent customer experience resulted in Itex becoming one of the leading furniture manufacturing company in Nigeria.
Itex Furniture has contributed immensely in transforming the look, feel and comfort of offices and homes in Nigeria. The company has been privileged to furnish various landmark buildings in Nigeria;

 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Headquarters, Abuja
 Central Bank of Nigeria Headquarters, Abuja
 Federal Ministry of Finance Headquarters, Abuja
 Federal Ministry of Water Resources, Abuja
 Ministry of Defence Headquarters, Abuja
 Federal Ministry of Transport
 Ministry of Aviation
 Rivers State Government Secretariat
 Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
 Federal Inland Revenue offices in Abuja, Ibadan, Akure
 Military Pensions Board, Abuja
 Court of Appeal, Abuja
 Bureau for Public Enterprise (BPE)
 Presidential Palace of the Republic of Sao Tome and Principe amongst others.

Itex Furniture in pursuit of its vision used the Blue Ocean theorem in creating a comfortable learning environment with functional and durable school desks as evident in the furnishing of all primary and secondary institutions in the following states;
 Edo State
 Bayelsa State
 Ekiti State
 Ondo State
 Gombe State
 Lagos States just to mention a few.

As part of giving back to the society, ITEX has been actively involved in the development of human capital, some of which includes;
 Solomon Giwa Amu Foundation – Skill Acquisition Program
 Factory and Excursion visits by various schools; Regent Int’l School, Benue State University, Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa State etc.
 Entrepreneurial Training for Senior Officers of the Nigerian Army in preparatory to retirement

Tony Ohifeme Ezekiel possesses political influence. His experience of governance has helped shaped the success of the ‘All Progressive Congress Party’ in Edo State in particular his constituency ‘Owan West’. It is on record that through his visionary leadership, the political structure of Owan West was redefined. He ensured that only qualified individuals with a heart to serve the people were elected into political offices in his constituency in 2011.


In recognition of his achievements, Tony Ezekiel has received numerous awards, some of which includes;
 A Seminar Room named after him at the University of Oxford (for bringing experience to class), in May 2013.
 The Corporate Service award from Ahmadu Bello University Alumni Association in 2013
 The LEADERSHIP award – Entrepreneur of the year in 2008
 The Abuja Enterprise Agency – Fastest Growing Furniture Company in 2006
 FCT Leaders’ Summit – Honour Award, 2008
 Midwest Times – Midwest Personality of the Year

Tony Ezekiel is happily married to Mrs. Adeola Olowu Ezekiel and they are blessed with three lovely children, Emilomo Evette Ezekiel, Emmanuel Ailohi Ezekiel and Oare Edmond Ezekiel.

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