Nigerians Need To Understand Lawmakers’ Roles – Senator Mohammed

BY BODE GBADEBO Senator Mustapha Sani Mohammed represents Niger South in the Senate and he is the vice chairman of the Senate Committee on Anti-Corruption and Financial Crimes. In this interview with journalists, he bares his mind on the activities of the Red Chamber, his legislative interventions for his constituents, among others. BODE GBADEBO was […]


A fellow West African country, Sierra Leone today is facing it’s greatest existential threat ever. Not even the dreaded Ebola could compare with the devastating landslide that recently blanketed a part of the country. 331 people have so far lost their lives with thousands displaced. Another and even larger area is now under threat of […]

APC and The Terrorism of Change

Terrorism is generally considered to mean the unlawful use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of a cause. In other words terrorism is an illegal exercise of power. Like terrorism corruption is the bane of Nigeria and indeed any society that wishes to destroy itself. Corruption destroys not only a group of people or region, […]

The Investment Summit in Niger is a Good Idea

The investment summit in Niger is a good idea. Other states have done theirs and are pursuing resolutions for development. After the Niger summit in Minna, I hope the resolutions and ACTION PLANS would be simplified away from the technical english of the resource persons and published into a document that would be widely circulated […]

Sen Mustapha Sani Mohammed’s recommendation of a girl who isn’t his constituent for NIS job got me really angry after seeing the recommendation letter yesterday. However, someone just sent me a list of dozens of other names he recommended and all of them his constituents, hence, to a great extent, my anger has dissipated. Besides, […]

Entertainers As Political Voices and Representatives

Our entertainers are mostly politically ignorant, and so I’m always wary of any public protest led by them, especially those with no history of political engagements. Mostly, not entirely. I’ll not clarify this if misunderstood. But even though I can’t queue behind an insular celebrity who sees political protest more as a tool of reviving […]


Pricely on the 1st of October, 1960, Nigeria became an independent Sovereign nation, the eagerness of Nigerians to be uncuffed from the claw of her colonial master cannot be overemphasized.   In 1901, Nigeria became a British protectorate. Our Nation’s colonization lasted until 1st of October,1960 when an independence movement succeeded in gaining Nigeria its […]

Reign of sewage in biblical valley may be coming to an end

Sewage flows in Kidron Valley, on the outskirts of occupied Jerusalem. — Reuters By Ari Rabinovitch OCCUPIED JERUSALEM — There is a foul smell coming from the biblical Kidron Valley. It’s so bad that King David and Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him), who are said to have walked there thousands of years ago, would today […]

Militants explode: Split Nigeria into five Republics

Arewa Islamic Republic …Biafra Republic …N’Delta Republic …Oduduwa Republic …M’Belt Republic …All Republics to form United Republics of Nigeria …Don’t declare N’Delta Republic, Clark warns By Emma Amaize, Regional Editor, South-South THE agitations for self-determination in Nigeria have taken another alarming dimension with calls for the country to be split into five entities to be […]