Democracy can only make sense on the ordinary people if they are active participants in its process, and if eventually they become better off through the implementation of concrete policies and programmes of a genuinely democratic government thus providing a truly democratic setting. The welfare of the people must go beyond mere improvements in the […]


By Maritime First -October 18, 2017072 …Insist on peaceful resolution of imbroglio*** Nigeria’s oil and gas logistics giant, INTELS Nigeria Limited on Tuesday vowed not to trade words with either the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) or any of the Government agencies, stressing that as a provider of services for Government and Government parastatal, she is […]


A lot has been said about the 15 Niger state Executive Council members that were shockingly relieved of their appointment last week wednesday after the state EXCO meeting. It was further stated that they were dropped for non-performance. An insider also revealed that Governor Abubakar Sani Bello did not even allow the Finance Commissioner who […]


If a dispassionate analysis is carried out about the performances of the various Inspectors General of Police (IGPs) that have historically emerged in Nigeria, there cannot be any doubt that the current IGP, Ibrahim K. Idris, has done what non of his predecessors could do, and he did it in the shortest possible time. Within […]

Our attention has been drawn to the underground blackmail by few politicians on in Niger State on the recent appointments made by the Governor of Niger State. Listening to such blackmail, it was clear that they were out to score some cheap political goals, but alas they ended up exposing their ignorance about the new emerging […]

What Nigerians need is attitudinal change, not restructuring, says David Mark

David Mark Former Senate President, Dr. David Alechenu Bonaventure Mark, has walked through the various epochs of independent Nigeria. Disregarding the stabilizing roles he played and continues to play in Nigeria’s democratic dispensation, Senator Mark is a prominent member of the Nigeria military. On the trending issue of restructuring, the immediate past President of Senate’s […]

Simplified as possible. I’ve been confronted too many times about this issue and I wish to bring it on here for public discussion. I’ve received 38 inbox messages all lamenting about how the Governor is pursuing what in their eyes seem to be KONTAGORA AGENDA in his Appointments 36 of the messages are from people […]

The story of Hon. Mikail Al-Amin Bmitosahi who clocks yet

The story of Hon. Mikail Al-Amin Bmitosahi who clocks yet another age today is one lined with often impressing deeds as much of generosity as of valour, candour, commitment to communal progress and respect for leaderships, across politics and communities. While those whose paths have at a time or the other crossed that of Hon. […]