One thing you can’t take away from Senator Mustapha Sani Mohammed

By Maryam Gata It is not everybody’s politics that could be fanciful to you. Even if everyone fancies someone or an idea, you could dissent. That is in itself a human right. Since he assumed office as the Senator representing the southern part of Niger State, mixed reactions have been trailing Mustapha Sani Mohamned’s tenure, […]


  By Bala Ibrahim The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, on Wednesday the 9th of May, 2018, said it made a resolution declaring the Inspector General of Police (IGP) “Enemy of Democracy”. The Senate said by this resolution, the IGP has been rendered unfit to hold any public office henceforth in Nigeria or […]

FG shouldn’t reverse policies that led us out of recession – Coleman CEO

By Opeyemi Kehinde, Lagos. | Publish Date: Apr 2 2018 2:00AMAs the Nigerian economy picks up gradually, the Federal Government has been urged to sustain policies that led it out of the recession. In this interview with Daily Trust, a renowned industrialist and MD/CEO of Coleman Technical Industries Ltd, Mr. George O.K. Onafowokan, speaks on […]

The Amber Light is On…1

Elections in our country, according to the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, in a remark made on 30th June 2014, have become a perverse form of modern coronation. “Instead of choosing public servants, elections in Nigeria have been basically to select a new aristocracy, an elected royalty,” he said in an […]


One of the requirements for an ideal democracy is the sanctity of freedom of expression as enshrined and guaranteed by the constitution which has invariably given the citizens the right to keep their leaders on their toes. However, while at it, and for us to be taken serious by all genuine minds, we must endeavour […]


By Comr:Bala Mustapha  Niger state have been blessed with abundant human and material resources. Over the years,the state has been at the forefront of engineering the project called Nigeria. With these, come the challenge of leadership and governance. The leaders of past years have contributed their quota in ensuring a rapid development and advancement. But […]

Niger State: 2019; Another Opportunity to get it right

Advance democracies in the world like the United State of America, Britain and France have continually taught the rest of the world, that ambitious nations have no place for second best or second-hand democracy or the mundane associated with politics and governance in developing countries like Nigeria. In civilised clans, only the best of the […]

Before PMB Crucifies IGP Idris on Benue -Dr. Aliyu Tilde

The Tiv told PMB during a meeting today that the IGP was not in Benue even for 24 hours. And Trust Mr. President. He instantly believed them and even went ahead to make a declaration: “I cannot overlook the killings in Benue or any other part of Nigeria. I cannot do that. I am genuinely […]

What Bida youths did to Governor Abubakar Sani…

Ayatullah Musa What Bida youths did to Governor Abubakar Sani Bello last week was very uncalled for. It’s politically uncivilized and barbaric. Was it a crime when he faithfully came to sympathize with you over the fire inferno that destroyed the modern market of the ancient city? Where did he go wrong? Even if you […]