Video: Nkem Owoh Weighs In On Igbos Demanding Biafra

Nigerian actor, Nkem Owoh popularly known as Osuofia, has weighed in on the agitations of the Igbos, saying if Nigeria can reorganize itself and live in justice and equity, giving the Igbos their rights, then why wouldn’t the Igbos give it a try, but since their actions towards them tribe isn’t ‘accommodating’ then we say […]

Home » Opinion » Calming frayed nerves after the storm of quit notice(s), by Idowu Samuel Calming frayed nerves after the storm of quit notice(s), by Idowu Samuel

It sounds like an irony, but diplomats and expatriates who serve or work in Nigeria often profess uncanny love for the country. They offer composite reasons for this. To them, working in Nigeria is fully engaging. Conversely, some Nigerians are imbued with enormous energy and guts to outlive the incongruities that their country represents at […]


Whoever wants to blame LOLO should think again, The current manual being operated by LOLO was drafted by PDP, tested by PDP and shared to its big time members, LOLO inclusive, you don’t teach a child something and expect him not practice. My sympathies are with all who fall victim and with LOLO himself for […]


When I posted that Prof Ango’s comments in support of the the so-called Coalition of Arewa youth amounted to conflict merchandising, many, especially one Zuntu, misconstrued my position. Well, recent developments have just proven me right. Ango Abdullahi was recently visited by Ndigbo leaders in company of Major Hamza Almustapha. Don’t forget Ango is only […]

Gbagyi Fulani Unity: A Veritable Tool for Peaceful Coexistence and Sustainable Development

By Shuaib Awaisu Wana Legend has it that, for years, the Gbagyis and the Fulanis have lived together in peace. The farmers and the herdsmen have been best of friends and neighbors. Their children have grew up together, went to the same school, worked together, transact businesses together, learned each other's traditional professional and have even intermarried and […]